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INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour (GLUTEN), Sugar,

Sryanston, 2021. Produzido na República da Aftica de

Golden Syrup (13%), Unhydrogenated Vegetable eana Distribution Lda, Avenida Samora Machel.

Oil (Palm Fruit), Spices (Ground Ginger Irradiated)).

26812. Importé par: Frand import - BP 88

Raising Agents (Scdium Acid Pyrophosphate,

- BP159, Mamoudzou, Mayorte. Imported by: The Son

Sodium Bicarbonate), Mait Extract (BARLEY GLUTEN), Salt, Emulsifler (E322 (SOYA), Flavouring.



Ginger Nuts Bakers Biscuits

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